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Is The Card Counter a Good Movie?

Is The Card Counter a Good Movie?

Do you like to watch movies about gambling or that are based in casinos? This is becoming a popular genre since so many people like to play poker, slot machines, roulette and other exciting casino games. Movie buffs even enjoy the fast-paced, bright lights and thrilling atmosphere that cities like Las Vegas bring to the big screen.

One of the last movies based in the gambling world is Card Counter. It was released in September 2021 and by Focus Features. Is this a movie that is worth watching? Let’s take a look at this review and find out.

The Plot

If you are someone that enjoys American crime drama movies, the Card Counter might be one for you. Some of the main character actors are Oscar Isaac, Tyler Sheridan, Tiffany Haddish and Willem Dafoe. It is interesting to note that the executive producer for this movie was Martin Scorsese.

Let’s take a look at the plot of the movie so that you can decide whether this is a move for you. Oscar Isaac stars as William Tell, the main character who is a keen gambler. He was in military prison for eight years and during this time, he taught himself how to count cards. On release, he likes to gamble and his philosophy is to always be best with amounts and enjoy modest wins. Indeed, this is a good motto when you are gambling at NetBet Casino. In other words, you should always play within your means and without making high-risk big bets on your favorite games.

William Tell runs into someone from the gambling world that is called La Linda. In particular, she has a business where investors back certain gamblers. The aim of this is to make a profit from their winnings. While this might sound like a good idea to a lot of people William Tell does not like it. He does not like the financial burden of this deal and he is also trying to keep a low profile of who he really is in the movie.

But, when William Tell is in Atlantic City, he takes someone under his wing. Eventually, Tell agrees to La Linda and a deal since he wants to enter the World Series of Poker. The aim is to help Cirk out who is the man he is trying to look after.

If you like the sound of this movie so far, we do not want to spoil the rest. But, it is thrilling and William Tell’s past is going to come back to him. Generally, the Card Counter has been a movie that has been well-received. Most of the feedback from the film is positive and many have described Oscar Isaac as playing the main character well and enjoying a gripping performance. If you are a fan of gambling, this movie is based around this hobby. It makes the plot more interesting and you can see how Tell is able to progress after leaving prison.

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